Help the Rescue

We rely on the generosity of people like you!

The best way you can help us is by adopting a ratty! That's why we're here, after all! Because we are a 100% volunteer run nonprofit, our funds are small and our need is great. Here are some other ways you can help us keep going.


Follow us on Facebook, share pictures of our adoptable rats with your friends, leave us a review, submit a testimonial - every little bit helps us let people know we are here. A lot of times rats are let go in the wild to fend for themselves only because people don't know that rat rescues exist!


By using the link below, Chewy will donate $15 to the rescue for every new customer who places an order! Chewy has also added a wishlist feature!


Shop on Amazon? Set the DFW Rat Rescue as your preferred nonprofit through Amazon Smile! 


We always need more bedding, food, hammocks, fleece, and enrichment items for our ratties. Send us an e-mail to schedule a donation drop off or pickup or access our Amazon wishlist below.


We receive many donated items that we either cannot use or have used and grown out of. Shop our supply of donated items and help give back to the rescue! If you have some used or new rat items (cages, bedding, food, wheels, water bottles, etc.) that you no longer need, we'd love to include them in our ongoing garage sale to raise funds for the rescue and help new rat owners get started!


Sometimes we have to turn rats away due to our own space limitations. By becoming a foster, you open your home to a rat in need for a short time while he or she waits for their adopter. Please see the following link for more information about fostering.



Help us offset the cost of travel, bulk food orders, vet care, housing, and general upkeep by donating financially through Paypal, Venmo, cash, or check. We are now a registered 501(c)(3) organization, so your donation is tax deductible! Donate through the PayPal Giving Fund and they will comp the fees and ensure you receive a receipt.